Windows 8.1 and 10 are the most popular and widely used Windows versions. In this article I am going to mention some quick tips and tweaks that will really make your life easier while working on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

Tips for Windows 8.1 :

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Also codenamed as Blue, Windows 8.1 is the upgraded version of Windows 8. Here are some of the tips that you must use while working on Windows 8.1.

  1. The always helpful Start button is available on Windows 8.1 using which you can view various options.
  2. With Windows 8.1, you can directly go to the desktop without dealing with start screen tiles.
  3. You can personalize the Home screen and easily regroup the similar tiles.
  4. Here you can make use of App bars :)
  5. Easily change the display settings on Windows 8.1.
  6. You can view multiple applications at the same time with Windows 8.1.
  7. Now you can stop the apps from running in background who are no longer in use.
  8. You can make the Start button more useful on Windows 8.1
  9. On Windows 8.1, you can save any online article to read in future even when you are offline.
  10. It allows you to organize apps in various manners like classification based on installation, etc

Tips for Windows 10 :


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Windows 10 is the all new OS by Microsoft which is on all. Here are some Windows 10 tips that will help you out :

  1. You can start with the GodMode which will allow you to get the advanced control panel. The next thing you need to do is to create a new folder with the name GodMode.
  2. Windows 10 provides you more option to customize Start menu.
  3. To avoid those annoying reminders you can schedule windows updates.
  4. For those who are using touchscreen devices, can easily switch to tablet mode.
  5. You can also create virtual desktops.
  6. While using laptop, this version saves your battery life too :)
  7. With Windows 10, you welcome the biometric security feature that allows you to unlock your PC with fingerprint too.
  8. This version allows you to limit your wi-fi to others.
  9. Without another utility, you can now print to PDF.
  10. It allows you to upgrade within a month of installation.

Are there any other tips that I missed? Feel free to mention in the comments below.


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